Grit and Glory: The Battle of Intelligence vs. Grit

Grit and Glory: Hello. I am a survivor.

I absolutely love TED talks. These days it seems I hardly go a day without listening to at least one or two. And each time, I am inspired and reinvigorated to dig a little deeper and push a little farther than I had previously thought I had it in me to do that day.

I find hope, reassurance and energy in every talk. It’s the kind of stuff I truly believe we could all use more of on the daily; real, eye-opening, often sensitive, and perspective-filled content that helps us to live better, to be more open and to experience life, if only for a few minutes, through the words and circumstances of others so that we can learn to be a better version of ourselves.

And, although I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a TED talk, the one I came across today has to be one of my absolute favorites. Go ahead. Trust me. It’s more than worth the six or so minutes.

Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit.

There you have it. Grit and glory, baby! Grits are in fact a higher indicator of success than intelligence – I’ve always suspected it, but it’s nice to have a trained psychologist confirm it. In fact, I’ve written on a similar topic before related to a study I came across a few years ago. Grit (and hope) is the reason I’ve arrived anywhere in life. It’s how I made it into graduate school twice even though I’m a terrible standardized test taker (I mean, TERRIBLE). It’s the reason I completed an MBA with honors despite my more than lackluster ability with numbers. It’s how I’ve managed to become pretty tech savvy and contribute more at work. It’s the reason I’ve found my way through difficult economic times. It’s the reason I’ve been successful in my career (success has a different meaning for each of us). My driving force, grit and glory!

It’s how I’ve overcome the extreme shyness I experienced as a child and as an adolescent. It’s how I’ve conquered the emotional issues of my past. And its how I’ve slowly moved away from the statistic I could have easily become and the poverty I was born into (although very first-world in nature). It’s how I’ve managed to do and experience the things that often seemed out of my reach in my previous poor-girl mentality. Yup. You guessed it. Grit and glory!

It’s the reason I’ve accomplished or finished anything in my life – not because I’m smart enough to be a rocket scientist (yeah right!) as many of my schoolmates back in high school would say when they wanted to flatter me into helping them with homework or a big project – but because I have GRIT and lots of it. I never give up. I never take no for an answer if I really want something bad enough. I always find my way. I research. I figure it out. I stay up late. I wake up early. I ask questions. I dig. If this doesn’t work, I’ll try that. I examine all possibilities. And I get it done, whatever it is, and I get it done well. Dare I repeat – grit and glory!

So the next time someone tells you you’re not smart enough, or the next time you start to tell yourself that – I don’t want to hear it. Remember this TED talk and my subsequent rant, and remember that passion and perseverance – or grit – can get you there every time. No excuses, just hustle, grit and glory!


Sonia, Word Share Junkie

4 thoughts on “Grit and Glory: The Battle of Intelligence vs. Grit

  1. Hey darlin! Long time since I’ve come and checked in on the blogs. I have been busy and my husband and I just escaped this terrible weather for a brief little mission trip with some vacation tacked on at the end. The best part of helping out others in worse off countries is that even if you stay there, nothing costs that much and you do get to help the economy too. I’ve not been familiarized with who Ted is or what he talks about, unless it’s Ted Turner and that man is a son of a gun if I ever saw one.

    I believe in having the grits too. Grits, gumption and being full of piss and vinagar when necessary to achieve in life. all that knowing that He is on MY side of all the challenges and even if HE put them there, I know why he did it. I love your conviction and resolve to be a go get ’em kinda girl. Whether it’s boys, cars, careers or teh almighty dollar, go get your blessing as Mary Mary says. Have you heard that song? I reccomend it. Puts a bounce in my step on Sundays.

    Happy to tsee all your success and that you find the place to share the stories and the strengths for others to be inspired by and to learn from the many mistakes you’ve made. I’ve made enough for 2 lifetimes, that’s for sure.

    Take care of yourself and I’ll be checking back with you soon, woreshare!

  2. Hi Betty!

    Good to have you back. Sounds like you were off doing some very important work.

    TED is actually a global set of conferences on a huge variety of topics, all of which are inspirational, motivational or educational in some way. I love to listen to the talks. They are always very uplifting! Google TED talks and check em’ out if you have time.

    I have not heard the Mary Mary song, but I will be sure to check it out.Thanks for reading and for coming by to leave a note. I am glad to see you still enjoying my stories and bits of inspiration.

    Take care!

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