Holdin’ On to Hope On Monday Morning

This morning I came into the office ready to attack the day, be productive and SHINE. I worked for a few hours last night, and felt like I actually got a pretty good handle on things, setting myself up for a successful week. But, as my buddy Forrest Gump once so eloquently said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get.”

Monday took no pity on me, and Hectic Harry came a knockin’ promptly around 9:30 a.m. As I was heading down the elevator for a meeting, that silly ol’ thing got confused and took me all the way down to the first floor, when I actually meant to just go down to the fourth. I began to feel frustrated when a familiar face suddenly hopped on the elevator (let’s call him M for short) with his always positive demeanor, bright smile and general good vibrations. The convo went a little like this.

M:          “Hi there!”

Sonia:   “Hi! How are you?”

M:          “Good, good and you?”

Sonia:   “Well you know it’s Monday. You never know what the week will bring, but I’m still hopeful.”

M:          “Yes. That’s how it always is. But you must never lose hope.”

And there my friends, is what I’m talkin’ about. That nutty elevator took me to the wrong destination because I needed to hear those simple, but resonating, words to start off my week. Motivation and friendly faces that perk up your spirit are every freakin’ where. Just open your eyes, perk up your ears, listen up, take it in, and keep it fresh in your mind throughout the day when you encounter stress. Because like M says, you must never lose hope, especially not on a Monday morning.

Sonia, Word Share Junkie

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