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When people ask me what I do for a living, I always find myself responding with writer first and marketer second. Sure there’s a lot more to what I do at work every day than writing, but WRITER is who I really am, who I’ve always been meant to be. And lately, more so than I have in years, I feel more and more pulled back to that burning desire to write, and find a way to help others through my words. So here we are at Word Share Junkie. Please allow me to explain.

My first words

I remember being in first grade, and rather than asking with my spoken words, I wrote my teacher a note asking about a costume we had to wear for an upcoming tango performance my class was putting on for the school talent show. The details of that note escape me now, but I know my mother had sent me to inquire about the outfit I needed, and I chose to do it in the way I’ve always been most comfortable, through the written word.

So I hand my teacher this note, and she’s astonished. Apparently, at 6, I was not supposed to be able to write such an eloquent, clear note. I then remember my teacher sharing her surprise with other teachers, my classmates, and then my mother. I remember being confused, and even thinking maybe I had done something wrong. Did I say something inappropriate? Was I in trouble? Turns out they were just shocked I was able to communicate in what they deemed to be a mature manner at that age. And, yes, that note was nothing earth shattering. It wasn’t a story or a fancy poem, but it is what I remember as the beginning of a life-long passion and talent I’ve come to cherish and almost need in order to survive.

I’ve always loved a good story 

Then in the fourth grade, I decided I wanted to write short stories. So there I went. No one asked me to, but every weekend, I remember I’d write a story, and make a little book out of it. I’d cut up sheets of line paper in half and staple them in the middle like a book. Then, I’d fill the pages with my story and even draw my own illustrations to make it come alive. I promise you the stories were always better than the pictures, but I digress.

Every week, I’d take my little book to class and my teacher, Mrs. Anderson, would let me read it aloud to my classmates. She loved the idea, and soon turned my hobby into a weekly assignment for the entire class. Needless to say that didn’t make me very popular, but she found it to be a positive creative exercise, and although writing wasn’t exactly everybody’s thing,the kids grew to enjoy our weekly story sharing ritual.

A young author is born

Those short stories were actually later turned into a book, not actually printed, but manually written and illustrated in a hard cover shell, and placed on the shelves of my elementary school library. I remember feeling like the coolest kid in the world the first time one of my friends actually checked that book out from the library. I later wrote another book (pictured above) that won first place in a young author’s competition at a local fair during my sixth grade year, and at the end of that school year, I’d receive the shiny Young Author’s Award pictured above. I can still vividly remember the incredible sense of pride I felt as I stood on that stage holding my trophy. Whoops. I just gave myself the chills.

This is it

You see, if I’m truly honest with myself, I’ve never felt better than when I’m writing something I care about; expressing myself through my greatest gift: words. I also never feel prouder than when someone comments on that ability, because, as it has come to my attention, I am a WRITER. For now, that talent has mostly been used to write marketing materials, blogs, presentations, and the like for work and school, because hey, a girl’s gotta get an education and make a living, right?

But I can’t wait anymore. Today, with this blog and three chapters deep into, My Funny, Sad Life, a book I’ve had the title of floating in my head for probably a decade now, I work towards being more than just a writer. I begin my journey as an author.

This blog is my commitment to write more often, whether its a poem, a quote, or a reflection of some emotion, a bad day, or simply a thought. It is also my commitment to stop keeping this talent and this burning desire to share, motivate and engage others all to myself. After all, what good is talent, if you cannot use it to help others in some way?

Sometimes I’m emotional, sometimes funny, sometimes inquisitive, but always, and I promise you this, always, interesting and worth reading. With that said, I’m beyond excited, and I hope you are too. And if I end up with just a handful of readers who find some kind of connection, answer or hope within this blog, I will have accomplished something big. But just for the sake of my ego and my larger than life dreams, let’s hope I have a harder time counting. It’s time.

Sonia, Word Share Junkie

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