Savor the Good in Every Day

Today has been a rough day, a stressful day. Meetings galore, rampant confusion and pressure up the wazoo. Through it all, I’ve kept traveling in my head back to this morning. I pulled over to the side of the road to get off and drop my rent check in the big blue box. The snow was piled up on the corner by the mailbox. As I carefully made my way through the fresh heap, trying to ensure I didn’t slip and fall on my ass, because let me tell you, that’s pretty likely if you know me (clumsy Florida girl here), I heard a stranger’s voice call out to me with enthusiasm.

“Do you just need to drop that in the mailbox? Let me help you!” she said as she reached out her hand to me. “Yes! Thank you!” I said as I accepted her offer and handed off the envelope. “Sure!” she exclaimed. Then we exchanged a friendly wave, and off we were.

It was such a small thing, really. But it took me by surprise. It always does. A stranger sees an opportunity to help in a small but meaningful way, and she goes for it. These are the things I like to focus on. All the good that exists in the world amongst all the cruddy every day stuff we all deal with. It renews my faith in humanity, every time. It makes a difference. Shoot, it is now hours later, and I’m still finding comfort in that two second exchange.

Even when you think it won’t matter, reach out your hand. Help a stranger if you see that you are able. It will make a bigger impact than you think. It will offer them warmth and hope. And , in doing so, remind yourself the many small ways in which we can all help each other more, and make this thing called life just a little easier.

Savor the good in every day. It’s alive and well all around you if you just take a second to look up and accept it.

Sonia, Word Share Junkie

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