My Funny, Sad Life Motivational Series: Book #2 Live on Amazon

Get Your Self-Love On! My Funny, Sad Life: Fighting for Authenticity I know, I know. Over the last few months, I’ve really left this poor blog terribly abandoned and lonely, but there’s a good reason for that! I’ve been working hard on my second book, and after a year filled with some of my greatest battles for authenticity, I am so excited and proud to present this great little be-you-love-you-flaunt-you handbook to the world!

Check it out!


(eBook and Paperback):

My Funny, Sad Life: Fighting for Authenticity
The Defiant Act of Being, Loving and Flaunting  Your True Self

***Please note the Kindle and Paperback versions are having a little trouble linking up right now, but they’re both on there, I promise. Just search Sonia Acosta on Amazon!***

DESCRIPTION: Part of the motivational series, My Funny, Sad Life, this handbook is your guide to finally putting your foot down, and being who you are, every single piece of it, openly and unapologetically, with great pride and intention, creating more happiness and fulfillment every step of the way. Full of tangible tips to help UP your self-love and confidence game, I take you through my journey to living authentically (and happily!), plus offer tips and tricks to help you on your own path to a more authentic, satisfying life. It’s a short read you can devour in one to two hours max, so pull up a chair, get comfy, grab a drink, and get ready to be INSPIRED to step into the exquisite defiance that is being, loving and flaunting your true self.

I just know you’ll love it! And trust me, this is not your everyday self-love/self-help book. There’s some real raw, tangible stuff to sink your teeth into here!

As always, your support is greatly and humbly appreciated. I hope you enjoy the journey, and find the inspiration to step up and live your own life more authentically and happily!

Sonia, Word Share Junkie

Loving Yourself: The Power of A Selfie Date

Loving Yourself: The Power of a Selfie Date

Haaaaaay. #selfiedate

This past Thursday, I had a very long, exhausting day at work, and going to do more work (albeit physical and not mental) at the gym after the office just wasn’t sounding very appealing. I wanted a nice meal, a drink, a movie to get lost in – a distraction and a night of fun to distress from the day. I needed a little quality time with my selfie.

As I thought about this concept of having a selfie date, I realized how badly I didn’t want to go through the hassle of texting people to see who wanted to come with, wait for a reply, coordinate schedules, etc. So instead of all that ruckus, I decided to take control and just head out on a lovely selfie date (you know, kind of like the photographs we all like to take of ourselves and post on Facebook  and Instagram, but way more fun!), blow off some steam without any complications, and have a great night – just me, myself and I.

At first, I was a little afraid to go sit at a bar by my selfie, and have my meal and my much-needed drink all by my lonesome. Would I look pathetic, I thought? Would I feel uncomfortable? Should I just stay home and have a glass of wine in the comfort of my non-judgmental couch? But then I thought no, if I stay home I will do nothing but take one sip of wine and fall asleep at 8 p.m. That is not what I was looking for. I wanted to get out. Besides, I do things by my selfie all of the time and have a good time, so what was my issue now?

So I took my fears and hesitations, shoved them in my purse, and walked down to a nice, quaint neighborhood bar that is just a few blocks down from my apartment. I arrived, looked around, and suddenly I didn’t feel so afraid of my selfie date. I took a seat at the bar, ordered my vodka soda with extra, extra limes, a scrumptious steak salad, and got comfy in my stool. Within just a few minutes, I made a new friend – Tom if I remember correctly – shared some stories, had a very tasty salad, and enjoyed a basketball game on the big screen TV (I don’t even like sports, but for some reason, I was thoroughly entertained).

As the minutes wore on, I began to feel a combination of things – all of them very positive. I was proud of my selfie for getting out on my own, and for overcoming my fears. I felt good that I didn’t give into the easier route of just staying home on the couch. I felt content at the realization that new friends are ready to be made everywhere you go, that people can be very friendly, and that I was not the only person enjoying a selfie date at the bar. I am not weird, I thought. I am brave, and there are many others just like me.

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and so it did. Suddenly I realized I was cutting it a little close to make it to the movies in time for the next showing of The Lego Movie. So I closed out my check and proceeded to jog/run to the movie theater – all with a nice little selfie date buzz on me. I had 20 minutes to get there and it was quite a long walk, so why not speed up the process a bit?

As I ran, I felt so free. I began to feel very present with my selfie, and I remember thinking, wow, I’m a lot of fun!  I thought I’m really having a great time, and there isn’t even anyone else with me. It was a crazy cool feeling. There was no one waiting for me at the movies, no one to care if I was late. But I had made a date with my selfie, I wanted to watch that movie, and so I ran to show up for ME on time. What a beautiful thing that is – to show up just for yourself.

I made it to the theater just in time — all out of breathe but excited to have made it. I bought a water and got comfy in my chair. And again, I began to feel that feeling of freedom I had felt at the bar. I enjoyed the movie, I laughed, I cried a little at the end (what can I say –I’m a sucker for inspirational storylines), and then I had a lovely walk home, and went to bed. And woo, I was exhausted! And it was all from a great time with just me, myself and I – well, and I guess ol’ Tom was pretty entertaining too. The selfie date was a total success!

So whether you’re single like me or have a partner, whether you have two friends or 100, once in a while, don’t be afraid to get all dolled up and go out on the town with just your selfie and a pocket full of hope. In fact, make it a priority. Learn to enjoy your own company, and exercise the courage to talk to new people, to try new things. Enjoy a show – laugh, cry and be inspired, savor a meal, laugh at yourself, have an adventure. Remember that you are your friend too, that you are fun and exciting and a great date.  Remember that the relationship you have with yourself needs nurturing too, that you need your own love, attention and encouragement as much, or sometimes even more so, than you need that of others.

Go on, plan that selfie date, and get to know the beautiful, fun, exciting you in a whole different way!


Sonia, Word Share Junkie