Be Happier with One Very Simple Life Hack

Be Happier with a Smile

Start being happier today! Did you know the most critical time to smile, laugh and dance is when you’re not feeling you’re best? That’s right. When you’re having a tough time with certain situations in your life, when goals seem to be walking farther and farther away from you, when things seem a little or a lot off-balance, when your heart is broken, when you find yourself a bit lost – that is the time to smile.

That is the time to push harder. It’s the time to give yourself a pep-talk as often as you feel you need it. It’s the time to read corny, motivational things, to scatter affirmation sticky notes all over your apartment, to blast a nice Wilson Phillips jam (or some other free-your-soul, sing-your-heart-out kind of jam you might like). That is the time to tell yourself everything is going to be OK over and over again, because if we’ve all learned anything from tough times, it’s that everything always turns out OK. Sure there are scars, and big changes, and loss, but in the end, everything turns out alright, life goes on, and you find happiness again.

Stop thinking tough or confused times are not times for smiles, laughter and dancing. Those are the times when it matters the most to push yourself to be positive, to get up, dress up and show up (as Regina Brett would say), to find joy in small things, to try new things, and fight, fight, fight. It is the time to believe the hardest in yourself, in your potential, and in the good things that are destined for you. It’s the most important time to do all of the things that make you happier. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my Sunday night pep-talk to you and to myself. I hope it helps get your week started off right! It’s so simple. Cheese it up more, especially on the bad days, and see how you start to feel happier in no time!

Sonia, Word Share Junkie