Want to be inspirational? Just be REAL.

Hand reaching out with heart in palmIt’s true. I’ve been struggling with something the last few months, and I want to share it with you because I think it’s so important.

While I’ve always known that my passion for inspiring and motivating others never meant I had to be perfect, or problem-free, and that much of what I have to offer to others is actually derived in large part from my pain, in the past I think I held on to this false sense that said pain had to be a little ways in the past when I shared. Largely, I thought I had to have all the answers ready in order to be of any real use to anyone. So I’ve been a little quieter these days. A negative thought, anxiety or doubt? No way! Feeling any less than perfectly Positive Patty? Insanity! There’s no way anyone wants to hear from you now. Silly Sonia.

Then suddenly it hit me. Some of the biggest, brightest, most powerful inspiration is actually found right in the middle of the storm, right in the depths of the sorrow, and perfectly in-between the crevices of the chaos. Sure, it’s easy to share once you’ve figured it all out, once you’ve found your way, once you’ve cleaned up the mess a bit. It’s safer that way. But think, for a second, of the incredible power in sharing right in the middle of the muck, in those raw moments where your story is not nicely tied in a bow, beginning, middle and end. Think of the potential in sharing when you’re filled with doubt, when you’re not really sure about anything at all. Think of how many people could relate to that.

As I recently heard in one of the many awesome public figure commencement speeches going around on social, “Don’t hog your journey. It’s not just for you.” And don’t be afraid of where you might be along that journey. Someone, somewhere, needs to learn right from where you are. Remember, you really don’t have to be Positive Patty to inspire others. You just have to be REAL.

Sonia, Word Share Junkie

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